Thursday, 8 May 2008

Twice in one week!!

I can't believe it, I have actually written in this blog twice in a week.
I had a great day today considering I am just getting over a cold. I got 2 parcels in the mail for Mothers Day and I have opened on and kept the other one for Sunday. The one I opened contained decorations from The Crab Apple Bakery to decorate my cupcakes. They are pink icing roses, just the perfect topping for vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and rose water flavouring. There was also a gorgeous ceramic cupcake trinket pot, all very feminine!! I am making a conscious effort to get in touch with my feminine side I fear I have been a Tom Boy too long. I'm not sure what is in the other parcel but it is squishy and big so looks like I will have a nice surprise on Mother Day.
That's enough for now, the washing up awaits me. This blogging might become a regular passtime, who knows.

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