Monday, 5 May 2008

Am I lazy or what???

I am ashamed to look at the date of my last post. I did say that I wasn't a regular blogger!!

Well, let me up date you. Since my last post I now have a new Grandson. You can see his first photo in my previous posts. His name is Corbin and he is 9 months old and just a delight to be around, here he is with my Grand Daughter Ivy who is nearly 10. I spent the Easter break with my Sons and their family and as you can imagine I didn't want to come home.Another exciting addition since my last post is our new sun room that was added last November.
It started off to be a modest addition but like Topsy it just grew and grew. It was going to be a basic room with tiles on the floor but now it is an addition to our lounge room. Sometimes when I sit in it I think it is like a Prim shop with all the Prim dolls and decorations I have added. All that is missing is the price tags!!I have become addicted to making cupcakes. While I was in Melbourne at Easter I visited the shop where one of my Daughters in Law works. It is called Crab Apple Cup Cake Bakery. The owner has published a cook book with all her delecacies in it and I am working my way slowly through the recipes. Here are some of the pictures from the book. I can tell you they are just as yummy to eat as they are to look at.

If I updated you on everything that has happened during the past months we would be her for ever and a day.
Until next time, Prim Hugs.

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