Saturday, 16 July 2011

Art pieces

I created this piece  of art a few months ago after a wonderfully uplifting meditation session.  I used chalk pastels on this picture, I LOVE using pastels, the way they blend together is a magical process. I have called this picture Eyes of Buddha.
This second piece is a Zentangle I did this evening.  Zentangles have a way of making me feel relaxed, the active meditation felt through creating Zentangles can be a bit addictive.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Creative Meditation

Two days ago I listened to Goddess Leonie's week three meditation from her Creative Goddess e-course. I still feel relaxed and uplifted from sitting and working through the meditation. I haven't meditated for a couple of months but as soon as the meditation started I was taken into a beautiful visulization to meet my creative Guide. I do love to meditate, I must continue to make an effort to keep meditation as a big part of my life. I am half way through this e-course and can't wait to make my piece of art for this week.

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