Thursday, 29 May 2008

My good friend Flora has tagged me with this very revealing tag.
Tag the ABCs about you. Each player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

A -Attached or single: Attached

B- Best Friend: My Sister

D-Day: Sun

E- Essential Item: moisturiser

F- Favorite Color: purple

G-Gummi Bears or Worms: worms

H-Home town: Launceston

I- Indulgences: Mud Cake

J- January or July?:.... January the weather is warm

K-Kids:.... 2

L-Life is incomplete without: My family

M- Marriage Date: March 23rd

N- Number of Siblings: Two

O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges

P- Phobias or Fears: High bridges, big spiders

Q- Quote: I am what I am

R- Reason To Smile: I'm alive

S- Season: summer

T- Tag Three: Kristine

U- Unknown fact about me: Can't tell ya ..then it will be known :)

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Opressor of animals

W- Worst Habit: misplacing things

Y-Your favorite food: Italilan

Z: Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Getting older

I will be another year older in 3 days time!!!
Where has my life gone? I seems only yesterday that I turned 30 and was so depressed now I am just happy that I am a year older. Funny how ones thoughts change as you age.
I got a parcel in the post from my sons today, it was delivered to me at work so I just had to open it to show everyone what was inside. The box was beautifully wrapped in a delicate ribbon so I immediately knew my daughters in law were involved. Inside was the most beautiful cherry red dressing gown, so soft and cuddly that we all had a try of it. I wanted to wear it for the rest of the day but was reminded that my Birthday isn't until Sunday. So, back into the box it went until I got home where tried it on again to show my husband and then back into the box it went again until Sunday!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I can't wait for Sunday so I can finally take it out for the last time and wear it. My boys know exactly how to make their Mother happy. Now I need to go and buy myself a decent pair of slipper to go with this beautiful dressing gown.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Million Paws Walk

This morning I took my dog Staffy to the Million Paws Walk, which is a fund raising walk for the RSPCA. I went qwith my lovely friend Shakira and her gorgeous husband, Ariel along with our dogs, Staffy and Millie. There were so many dogs of all colours, sizes and breeds out to enjoy a walk with their owners. Our dogs got a bit tired and had to carried some of the way but most of the time they trotted along with the crowd. I have always meant to go on this walk but something always came up and I never got to participate. But, this year I made the commitment early and signed up and paid the money and went along and had a wonderful time. I was a bit hesitant taking Staffy in the car because she isn't a good traveler but today she traveled like a pro and sat up in the front seat and was on her best behaviour.

I had plans to do all sorts of things this afternoon but I think the walk had made me a bit lazy so I think I will just sit by the fire and start knitting a jumper for myself that I have been meaning to do for ages. I haven't knitted for a few years so this will be a test to see if I still have the patience to knit adult sized jumpers or not!!
Signing off till next time.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers who read this blog!!
I have just opened my second Mothers Day present to find the perfect present for a Mother- an electric knee rug!! I am very excited indeed, and as I sit here typing away I am using this fantastic rug. It is like a very soft electric blanket just made to throw over your knees or around the shoulders as I am doing at the moment. My husband said that my son must think I am getting old to need a blanket like this. Well, let me tell you that I am and don't mind admitting it if it means that I get wonderful presents like this.
My sister and I are taking Dotty Jean out to lunch today - that's if we can find somewhere that isn't booked out. As usual it was a last minute decision and needless to say we haven't booked but I know what ever we do Dotty Jean will love it.
Enjoy your day

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Twice in one week!!

I can't believe it, I have actually written in this blog twice in a week.
I had a great day today considering I am just getting over a cold. I got 2 parcels in the mail for Mothers Day and I have opened on and kept the other one for Sunday. The one I opened contained decorations from The Crab Apple Bakery to decorate my cupcakes. They are pink icing roses, just the perfect topping for vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and rose water flavouring. There was also a gorgeous ceramic cupcake trinket pot, all very feminine!! I am making a conscious effort to get in touch with my feminine side I fear I have been a Tom Boy too long. I'm not sure what is in the other parcel but it is squishy and big so looks like I will have a nice surprise on Mother Day.
That's enough for now, the washing up awaits me. This blogging might become a regular passtime, who knows.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Am I lazy or what???

I am ashamed to look at the date of my last post. I did say that I wasn't a regular blogger!!

Well, let me up date you. Since my last post I now have a new Grandson. You can see his first photo in my previous posts. His name is Corbin and he is 9 months old and just a delight to be around, here he is with my Grand Daughter Ivy who is nearly 10. I spent the Easter break with my Sons and their family and as you can imagine I didn't want to come home.Another exciting addition since my last post is our new sun room that was added last November.
It started off to be a modest addition but like Topsy it just grew and grew. It was going to be a basic room with tiles on the floor but now it is an addition to our lounge room. Sometimes when I sit in it I think it is like a Prim shop with all the Prim dolls and decorations I have added. All that is missing is the price tags!!I have become addicted to making cupcakes. While I was in Melbourne at Easter I visited the shop where one of my Daughters in Law works. It is called Crab Apple Cup Cake Bakery. The owner has published a cook book with all her delecacies in it and I am working my way slowly through the recipes. Here are some of the pictures from the book. I can tell you they are just as yummy to eat as they are to look at.

If I updated you on everything that has happened during the past months we would be her for ever and a day.
Until next time, Prim Hugs.
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