Saturday, 9 January 2010

Collage Therapy

This collage was created out of Love, Frustraion & Fun!!
The Love is a Mothers Love for a Son who was in a long time unfulfilling relationship. The Frustration was that as a Mother I was not able to make my Son happy. The Fun was listening to Nickle Back and creating something that I didn't plan, think about, ponder over, worry about or procrastinate over. I just went with the flow and created whatever came from my Spirit. I incorporated paint, collage, stamping and journaling and when I had finished I was amazed at what had transpired!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

NYE 2009

The NYE fireworks were spectacular as usual. Dissapointment was not an option. Although every year I experience them through the lens of my camera I am still excited to see the flashes and hear the bang of the show.

This was the full moon on NYE. One side the fireworks sparkled while on the otherside the moon glowed an eerly glow through a hazey sky. Look closely and you will see orbs around the moon, strangely enough there were no unseen beings anywhere to be seen around the fireworks. Draw your own conclusions!!
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