Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mother Nature

Isn't Mother Nature a magnificant creator?

I was adding roses to my dehydrator to create some pot pourri when I stopped for a moment to look at the blooms before I turned them into dried petals.

These beautiful creations leaped out at me just asking for one final photograph before I flicked the switch. Now I feel bad because I am turning something so beautiful into a dried up thing for my so called enjoyment. I really have difficulty making Pot Pourri with such magnificent flowers but I do enjoy them while they are in full bloom, only picking them when they are past their prime. That way I can continue to enjoy them for many months to come. I suppose in a way I am doing my bit for recycling.

I am flattered

What a lovely surprise I had yesterday when I received this award from Laura Ann. It is my very first blog award, I will treasure it forever.

The rules are keep the award active...just * Put the logo on your blog or post.* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.

Now for my chopice of 5 blogs I enjoy reading.

Karen - Karen's Dolls and Stuff

Kirrily- Five Roses Prim and Pretty

Lisa- Craftye Ladye Creations

Crystal-Ewe and Me creations

Susan- Rabbit Hollow Prims

Enjoy your award Ladies, you deserve to be rewarded for your beautiful blogs.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Twice in one month - a record!!

I can't believe that I am blogging twice this month, let's see if I can make it thrice!!
I had the good fortune of reconnecting with one of my doll artist friends today - Flora Dora. I haven't spoken to her for ages and finally caught up with her on Face Book. It is such a treat to find friends again and continue on as if you haven't been parted, that is a sign of a good friendship.
Flora Dora is such a beautiful artist and doll maker that she gets me inspired every time I see her work. I haven't created a doll in ages, time has just been very limited.

I have been working on my garden and hope to get some more weeding done this weekend, I have a friend coming to visit and I hope I can tempt her to help me out. My garden had really been neglected during the winter months but now the warmer weather has arrived I have a renewed enthusiasm and a need to make the garden come to life again. Having had these beautiful roses sit on my desk for a week and smelling their perfume I am rearing to go. I arrived at work on Monday morning to find a glorious bunch of roses in a vase sitting on the counter, dear Gabby had bought them from her garden. what a magnificent garden she must have if she could spare these beautiful blooms for her work colleagues. Thank you Gabby I have drooled over them all week.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Darby and Joan again

I have just shed a tear or three as I waved part of my precious family goodbye. Hubby and I have had our treasures eldest son, his beautiful partner and their precious son Corbin for 5 days. I am too much of a cry baby to drive to the airport for farewells that my dear Hubby has to be brave and go it alone. It has been nearly a year since they visited, Corbin was just a tiny baby of 3 months and now he is a thriving bundle of energy at 15 months!! It was just a treat to be 'real' Grandparents' for a few days, it is hard to be a long distance Nanny and Pa when your Grandchildren live in another state.
Once again, I had a smile on my face as I was driving around with a car seat on the back seat of my car. It might seem such a natural thing for most Grandparents to do but for me it is a once a year special treat. I thought
I had child proofed my house so Corbin could run free relatively safely, but alas, there were many things I thought he wouldn't be interested in, What a silly Nanny I was. I did remember to move all my dangerous cleaning products from under the sink but of course I forgot to tie up the kitchen draws didn't I?
I was reminded of the strange shows little people love to watch on TV, gone is Sesame Street and in it's place is Iggle Piggle. I have to say that I much prefer Iggle Piggle to the whiny voices of the Sesame Street characters. Even at such a young age the world stops at 9am for Corbin to sit glued to Iggle Piggle, a whole 30 minutes where grown ups can do whatever they want without a little helper tagging along.
How strange it was to wake in the middle of the night and hear a little voice chatting away or crying as it happened on a couple of nights. Last night I thought about getting up to him then I remembered that I was the Nanny not the Mother, with a rush of sudden relief I rolled over and went back to sleep, not like the old days!!
Now I'm off to finish 'unchildproofing' the house till next time.
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