Monday, 1 August 2011

Art Journal

I have just stumbled across a wonderful site called Wild Precious . I have spent many hours looking over this great site and have come tot he conclusion that I want to try my hand at Art Journalling.  I have avoided journalling all my life because I didn't think that i had anything worth writing down. I still don't think I have much to say that is worthy of putting in a journal but Art Journalling is not about prolific writing, instead it is about feelings, art, creativity and having fun.  So, I searched my bookshelf looking for a suitable book that I could use, all the while feeling guilty because I was about to deface a book.  Then I thought about it for a moment and realised that if there wa a book sitting on my shlef that was fit to be transformed then it was never gong to be read.  So, I chose a gardening book with a hard cover that the silver fish had started to devour and that was the begining of my 'next creative passion'. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Art pieces

I created this piece  of art a few months ago after a wonderfully uplifting meditation session.  I used chalk pastels on this picture, I LOVE using pastels, the way they blend together is a magical process. I have called this picture Eyes of Buddha.
This second piece is a Zentangle I did this evening.  Zentangles have a way of making me feel relaxed, the active meditation felt through creating Zentangles can be a bit addictive.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Creative Meditation

Two days ago I listened to Goddess Leonie's week three meditation from her Creative Goddess e-course. I still feel relaxed and uplifted from sitting and working through the meditation. I haven't meditated for a couple of months but as soon as the meditation started I was taken into a beautiful visulization to meet my creative Guide. I do love to meditate, I must continue to make an effort to keep meditation as a big part of my life. I am half way through this e-course and can't wait to make my piece of art for this week.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Just popping in for a minute

I have just finished tiling my laundry. I have always wanted a light airy laundry room and now I have one complete with white walls and white tiles. I have waited 23 years to get the room I wanted and if anyone messes it up they have me to contend with.
This is what I have just finished making a Snow Queen Dotee for Martha in a Winter Dotee swap. She was so easy and quick to make and I have to say I am very pleased with the end result. I sure hope Martha likes her.

I found these photos f an Arum lilly on my camera when I was uploading the Dotee. I an so please with my lily, it is in the perfect spot and grows like a weed. It is amazing how different it looks using different settings on the camera.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New family member

I hope to post to this blog more ofter this year. I'm sure i said that last year and the year before but this year I really will try to make an effort.

We have a new baby in the family. Aidann summer Rose arrives on 7th January 2011 weighing in at 9lb 8 1/2 the biggest baby this family has seen for a couple of generations. The second child for my eldest son Sam and his beautiful partner Tab and a little sister for Corbin. We have had lots of photos and will be having lots of cuddles on 22nd January when Iain and I meet her for the first time. At times like this I realise jus how much I miss my Sons and thier families, being a long distance Grandmother isn't an easy task to perform. But I make up for it when we do visit.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I recently arranged a Women's Retreat with a group of women who were mostly strangers to each other. I have wanted to participate in a retreat for a long time but haven't been able to find one close to home and with the principles I hold dear to; Spirit, Nature,Mother Earth & Drumming. I found a lovely lady on the net who just happened to live in the same sate as me which in it's self is amazing. I contacted Jane and asked her to run a weekend in the North of the state and so our retreat started to take place. We arrived on Saturday morning with an open Heart, good cheer, friendship and food!! The day started with an individual of each participant, which for me was a whole new experience. An experience which I might say was very pleasurable and grounding. We sat in a circle and passed the talking stick and that was another first for me but again very pleasurable and grounding. When the last participant had finished two hours had gone by. My, how a bunch of strangers can talk. the afternoon session was spent singing and drumming on medicine drums, what a connecting time. The second day started with the talking stick and then straight into drumming and singing. The morning was drawn to a close with a long visualization and meditation and then silence for the next 2 hours until the afternoon session was ready to commence. The silence was deafening, I was so amazed at the amount of sounds that a person can hear when there is no conversation to enter into. At the end of the weekend we, who started the previous day as strangerswho shared some intimate stories, singing, drumming and dancing were bonded into a friendship of kindred likeness.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A mid week holiday

I have reached an age where I no longer feel I need to do things with other people. I have learnt that I can have ME time and not have to share my space with another human being if I don't want to. Today I did something I have been promising myself for a long time; I spent a day mid week at the beach all by myself and feel inspired to do it again. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect, the shells were perfect, the sand was perfect and the seagulls were perfect. I walked the beach and quickly found myself in the familiar pose of a frustrated beach comber; head down, hands behind my back looking for treasures in the sand. I found things that no-one else would treasure but me. A piece of brown sea glass to add to my ever growing collection; a beautifully worn shell with a perfect spiral inside to remind me that sometimes life can spiral out of control and I need to take myself off somewhere quiet and reflect on life and gently bring myself back to the centre and move on. Two shells that were so fragile that they broke into pieces before I finished my collecting, then I found a couple of stronger shells. The shells reminded me that life can sometimes fall to pieces unexpectedly but if you look around you can find something strong to replace your broken pieces.
While sitting on the sand the seagulls came to visit looking for food. I noticed one of them only had one leg and he was just ah happy and capable as the others with two legs. He reminded me that life continues no matter what. Just suck it up and move on!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Collage Therapy

This collage was created out of Love, Frustraion & Fun!!
The Love is a Mothers Love for a Son who was in a long time unfulfilling relationship. The Frustration was that as a Mother I was not able to make my Son happy. The Fun was listening to Nickle Back and creating something that I didn't plan, think about, ponder over, worry about or procrastinate over. I just went with the flow and created whatever came from my Spirit. I incorporated paint, collage, stamping and journaling and when I had finished I was amazed at what had transpired!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

NYE 2009

The NYE fireworks were spectacular as usual. Dissapointment was not an option. Although every year I experience them through the lens of my camera I am still excited to see the flashes and hear the bang of the show.

This was the full moon on NYE. One side the fireworks sparkled while on the otherside the moon glowed an eerly glow through a hazey sky. Look closely and you will see orbs around the moon, strangely enough there were no unseen beings anywhere to be seen around the fireworks. Draw your own conclusions!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My visions for 2010

I don't usually do New Years Resolutions but this year I have decided to crete a Vision Board and a Vision List. I am starting with my Vision List first because I can easily create that where the Vision Board will need more work and thought.

My Vision List for 2010:

  1. continue to be more creative
  2. be more positive
  3. do a retreat
  4. create a workshop/retreat
  5. read more
  6. meditate more
  7. anything else I feel I need to do to nurture my Soul
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