Thursday, 29 May 2008

Getting older

I will be another year older in 3 days time!!!
Where has my life gone? I seems only yesterday that I turned 30 and was so depressed now I am just happy that I am a year older. Funny how ones thoughts change as you age.
I got a parcel in the post from my sons today, it was delivered to me at work so I just had to open it to show everyone what was inside. The box was beautifully wrapped in a delicate ribbon so I immediately knew my daughters in law were involved. Inside was the most beautiful cherry red dressing gown, so soft and cuddly that we all had a try of it. I wanted to wear it for the rest of the day but was reminded that my Birthday isn't until Sunday. So, back into the box it went until I got home where tried it on again to show my husband and then back into the box it went again until Sunday!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I can't wait for Sunday so I can finally take it out for the last time and wear it. My boys know exactly how to make their Mother happy. Now I need to go and buy myself a decent pair of slipper to go with this beautiful dressing gown.

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Karen Mallory said...

Well Happy Birthday Jude!! Sounds like a lovely present! I don't mind getting older. I love having grandkids and you have to get older to get them! LOL I bet you love your grandkids to pieces and wouldn't give up being older if it meant not having them!
hugs Karen

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