Friday, 14 November 2008

Twice in one month - a record!!

I can't believe that I am blogging twice this month, let's see if I can make it thrice!!
I had the good fortune of reconnecting with one of my doll artist friends today - Flora Dora. I haven't spoken to her for ages and finally caught up with her on Face Book. It is such a treat to find friends again and continue on as if you haven't been parted, that is a sign of a good friendship.
Flora Dora is such a beautiful artist and doll maker that she gets me inspired every time I see her work. I haven't created a doll in ages, time has just been very limited.

I have been working on my garden and hope to get some more weeding done this weekend, I have a friend coming to visit and I hope I can tempt her to help me out. My garden had really been neglected during the winter months but now the warmer weather has arrived I have a renewed enthusiasm and a need to make the garden come to life again. Having had these beautiful roses sit on my desk for a week and smelling their perfume I am rearing to go. I arrived at work on Monday morning to find a glorious bunch of roses in a vase sitting on the counter, dear Gabby had bought them from her garden. what a magnificent garden she must have if she could spare these beautiful blooms for her work colleagues. Thank you Gabby I have drooled over them all week.


Laura Ann said...

Hello Jude, how are you...I love coming to your blog and checking out what is new with you in your neighborhood. I am awarding your beautiful blog with the Uber award. Please see my blog for details.
Laura Ann

Five Roses-Prim and Pretty said...

Jude those roses are beautiful, I grow roses and absolutely love them, Hugs Kirrily

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