Sunday, 7 March 2010


I recently arranged a Women's Retreat with a group of women who were mostly strangers to each other. I have wanted to participate in a retreat for a long time but haven't been able to find one close to home and with the principles I hold dear to; Spirit, Nature,Mother Earth & Drumming. I found a lovely lady on the net who just happened to live in the same sate as me which in it's self is amazing. I contacted Jane and asked her to run a weekend in the North of the state and so our retreat started to take place. We arrived on Saturday morning with an open Heart, good cheer, friendship and food!! The day started with an individual of each participant, which for me was a whole new experience. An experience which I might say was very pleasurable and grounding. We sat in a circle and passed the talking stick and that was another first for me but again very pleasurable and grounding. When the last participant had finished two hours had gone by. My, how a bunch of strangers can talk. the afternoon session was spent singing and drumming on medicine drums, what a connecting time. The second day started with the talking stick and then straight into drumming and singing. The morning was drawn to a close with a long visualization and meditation and then silence for the next 2 hours until the afternoon session was ready to commence. The silence was deafening, I was so amazed at the amount of sounds that a person can hear when there is no conversation to enter into. At the end of the weekend we, who started the previous day as strangerswho shared some intimate stories, singing, drumming and dancing were bonded into a friendship of kindred likeness.

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