Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A mid week holiday

I have reached an age where I no longer feel I need to do things with other people. I have learnt that I can have ME time and not have to share my space with another human being if I don't want to. Today I did something I have been promising myself for a long time; I spent a day mid week at the beach all by myself and feel inspired to do it again. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect, the shells were perfect, the sand was perfect and the seagulls were perfect. I walked the beach and quickly found myself in the familiar pose of a frustrated beach comber; head down, hands behind my back looking for treasures in the sand. I found things that no-one else would treasure but me. A piece of brown sea glass to add to my ever growing collection; a beautifully worn shell with a perfect spiral inside to remind me that sometimes life can spiral out of control and I need to take myself off somewhere quiet and reflect on life and gently bring myself back to the centre and move on. Two shells that were so fragile that they broke into pieces before I finished my collecting, then I found a couple of stronger shells. The shells reminded me that life can sometimes fall to pieces unexpectedly but if you look around you can find something strong to replace your broken pieces.
While sitting on the sand the seagulls came to visit looking for food. I noticed one of them only had one leg and he was just ah happy and capable as the others with two legs. He reminded me that life continues no matter what. Just suck it up and move on!!

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