Friday, 2 January 2009

Revamp and Face Lift

I thought with the coming of the New Year I should overhaul my blog. I have spent several hours putting the new look blog together, I hope you all agree with me. I would love to hear your comments, so, leave comment if you like.
Last night we helped my Brother in Law to celebrate his 50th Birthday, usually we sit in the blazing heat but not this year. My Sister decided to have an evening celebratration this year because last year the temperature soared around lunch time. But, this year the temperature plummeted so low that we sat around fire pots to keep from turning blue with the cold. Guests big and small enjoyed the warmth from the fire, Clancy, my Nephew from Townsville, was the chief stoker for the evening.
Just a few days ago we were loving the heat but I can't say we are loving the return of winter.

1 comment:

Laura Ann said...

Just Love your blog...its amazing !!! Love the colors and everything about it..
love to ya
laura ann

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