Thursday, 10 July 2008

I was recently in Italy...

...well my spirit was in Italy!!
A good friend of mine has just come back from Italy and I met her yesterday for coffee and a chat. She took me with her in a little piece of her heart. She sent me a postcard from Tuscany to say that I was in Tuscany with her, I asked her yesterday if I had a good time there and she replied - the best!!!
Listening to her made me realize that I really want to go to Italy and see the country for myself. She did all the tourist things and everything that I would want to do and more. She brought me back a glass ring from Venice, I saw one similar in a shop just around from where we had coffee but mine is much more special than the imported one because mine came from the factory where it was made via my friend.
Now I'm off to dream of Italy.

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