Monday, 14 May 2007

Mothers Day

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote in the journal. Life just seems to take over and the next thing you know the weeks have just flown by.
I had a lovely surprise on Friday, I received a large parcel at work from my sons for Mother's Day. I had the parcel sitting next to my desk all afternoon and was told be everyone that came by how strong I was not to have opened it. I have learnt in the past that my youngest son has a passion for large amounts of bubble wrap and sticky tape. I think the poor boy has inherited a genetic defect from both of his Grand Mothers. So it is much easier to take the parcel home and unwrap the multitude of layers in the privacy of my home. My present was an electric foot massager. My boys know me so well!! I would pay my husband and anyone else to massage my feet for me, but alas, my Husband doesn't like massaging my feet so I just go without until now. All I need to complete my massage package is a back massager and I would never leave the lounge chair at all.

I spent some time with Dotty jean yesterday. She is in the middle of a bout of Plurisy. She has been complaining for a couple of weeks about a stiff neck that she thought she got when she visited the hairdresser. My sister told her that she probably slept in a bad position in bed but no, Dotty Jean knew better!! It was the wet towels the hairdresser left on her neck. So her stiff neck has progressed into Plurisy which is totally unrelated to the wet towels but you try to tell Dotty Jean that, she is a great believer in Old Wives Tales. Anyway I had a longer visit with her than I had planned, I stayed for lunch and we chatted and caught up on family news. Then it was off to the supermarket for me to spend my hard earned money!!

I have been been away from home over the past 2 weeks, I have had the luxury of being driven in a swanky car, staying in a motel and having my meals either catered for or added to an expense account. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Well it isn't all as good as it sounds because the trips were work related and there is another trip to come next week. The Health Department is purchasing a new state wide computer system, tenders have been accepted and now the hard work begins of evaluating the systems that have been selected.

I have had the day off work today with what I susspected was an eye infection. I wasn't able to get into the Doctor until tomorrow so decided to just let things go and see what eventuates. So far my eye prpblem hasn't progressed any further so I think I will be safe to go back to work tomorrow. I was glad for the unscheduled day off work because I was able to catch up with all the housework I didn't get around to doing at the weekend.

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