Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Today is ANZAC Day which is traditionally the day that we have our first fire for the season but today has been such a beautiful day that I don't think we will be sticking to tradition. The weather has been unseasonably warm for April, another sign of global warming me thinks!
Today I finished another doll, this one is a Prim & Proper Folks design called Melody, she is not my usual style of doll but I have had great fun making her. I'm not sure if I will sell her on my website or just keep her for myself.
It has been lovely having a public holiday on a Wednesday, it will make my working week go much faster and the weekend come much quicker so I can get back to my sewing. I have a Golliwog to make for a swap so the creative thoughts are starting to flow about the style of Golliwog I will make my partner.

This is a collage I made of mad of my sons and their partners and my beautiful Grand Daughter Ivy.
The afternoon has finished badly for me. My beloved Bombers have been defeated by the Magpies!!

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Erica Sample said...

Great Blog Jude.

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