Monday, 29 June 2015

Getting the blog back together

I feel like the Blues Brothers trying to get the band back together again.  But, in fact I'm trying to get my blog back together again.  I have toyed with the idea of starting all over again with a new blog then I read over this blog and it is nearly everything I want in a new blog.  So, I have decided to get it back into gear and avoid the time  and effort it will take to start a new one.  It is over two years since I wrote a blog post on this blog.
I have added a few of the photos I have posted over the years in this post.  It is fun reminiscing over the old posts and the photos to go with them.  It is interesting to see how the garden has changed and some of the rooms in the house.  
If anyone out there in blog land is reading this post I would be  very grateful if you could share the post and sign up for a news feed and leave a comment.



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