Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Selections

Another Sunday Selection
This month I am participating in the full Moon Dream Board with Jamie Ridler over at her studio.  Although I didn't go with the theme I did go with the intention of the theme.
Funny how things turn out.  I created this Dream Board yesterday with the intention of adding things I need/want.  I took my time, set myself on my Gypsy Dream Bed with scissors, magazines,cute white dog and coffee.  I found some amazing pictures and words that I wanted to use, all the while with my intention in my mind.  After collecting enough to fill a large piece of cardboard I moved to my Creative Studio to glue everything in place.  But all was not what it seemed, there were pictures of healthy food, blissful beaches and inspiring words.  What had I done?  My real Dream Board had manifested.  for a long time I have wanted to get back into a healthy lifestyle which includes more raw food, walking on the beach and generally taking better care of my soul self.  I am so happy with what manifested, the Universe knew exactly what I needed.
I usually have this bed folded up into a couch but my family came to visit at Easter so it was converted to a bed.  Instead of folding it back into a couch I decided to leave it set up as a bed for for when I want somewhere cosy and exotic to laze about and dream.  
 The only thing missing is a Gypsy.  Note to self: Ring Johnny to fix my squeaking door.
I went for a garden walk earlier today, nowhere special, just around my land,  I took several photos, intending to add to this post. then I came upon a huge Banksia tree  which is just outside of my bedroom window.  I took a photo then another then another, each one was of a Banksia cone in different stage of life.  It is so amazing how many changes a Banksia goes through before it becomes a shell of it's former self.  Much like us humans.  Again I was guided by the Universe because I had no intention of writing about Banksia's and the many stages of life.


The Elephant's Child said...

I would find it hard to get off that bed. It looks sooooo inviting. And I love banksias in all their stages - thank you so much for these photos.

carmen said...

I love manifesting and I love the simplicity of your photos. Thank you. :)

frog ponds rock... said...

Oh I love that bed. LOVe the colours and all the cushions, I have a habit of totally destroying my bed every night and so my room is always a shambles, as is most of my house. Lovely daybeds like your photo always make me smile. Always. Thank you.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great to relax. May all your dreams come true.

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