Monday, 7 May 2012

Am I finally turning into a girl??

I have always been a bit blase about clothing.  As long as it fits, is cheap and respectable I will wear it.  I have never been interested in fashion or accessories, that is until Annah Stretton came to town.  The shop has been open for a week and I have been in there 3 times already, I really must stop going in or the staff might think I am casing the place.  I love everything about the shop, the decor, the sparseness of the shop fittings and the glamour and style of the clothing.  The staff are delightful, glamorous and friendly, not pushy and so knowledgeable about styling.  The style of clothing is somewhere between Steampunk, Victorian & Contemporary, everything I love in clothing.  I am yet to buy a piece of clothing but I do have my eye on a couple of pieces.  My favourite outfit is the Rosiland Bow Skirt and the Oscar the 2nd Coat , just my style, a little bit of Helena Bonham Carter. inspired. I would have to modify my lifestyle dramatically to wear this style of clothing but who knows what the future may bring.
I have been inspired to try my hand at wearing skirts, jackets, & tunic tops so I went shopping today on my day off and found everything I need at the right price.  It is amazing what you can find at the local St Vinnies, I just popped  in on my way home to buy a couple of bowls for cat food and was guided by an invisible hand to the Women's clothing section.  I just let my hair down and bought clothes I would never usually look twice at, and they were still in style, not like a lot of the cloths on the racks.  I only had $7 dollars left after buying the cat bowls so had to layby my new outfits!!  Can't wait for payday to collect my lot and start my new life as a girl.

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