Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Selection-Alpha bits about me

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I haven't blogged for awhile, (must be suffering from writers block).  I found this fun idea on this blog and thought it a good idea so here goes:
The first word that comes to me.
A~Apple crumble.  Love it but don't make it often.
B~Beach.  I love the beach, breathing in the sweet salty air.
C~Currants.  Love these little fruits but hardly ever use them in cooking.  I love their slightly sour taste.
D~Door knobs.  So many beautiful door knobs to be photographed.
E~Elephants.  Beautiful huge animals but oh so gentle.
F~ Frederick.  Husband of Princess Mary of Denmark.
G~Green Tea. Not something I volunteer to drink.
H~Home.  I love my home to bits.
I~Ingenious.  I would love to come up with an ingenious idea that would make me rich and famous.
J~Jeckle.  Sometimes I live a Jeckle and Hyde life.
K~Kitchen.  Not my favourite room in the house.
L~Lemon Tea.  Now, this is a tea I can say I would volunteer to drink daily.
M~Mother.  Not going there.
N~Nettle Tea.  I have never drunk it but am willing to try sometime.
O~Orange cake.  One of my favourite cakes to make and eat.
P~Pancake Tuesday.  Now why did I think of that?
Q~Queen Elizabeth.  What a waste of a life.
R~Raspberries.  Very sad my parents no longer grow raspberries, a family tradition gone by the wayside.
S~Stephen King.  Writer of interesting novels.
T~Tunnel.  I love our local disused train tunnel.
U~ Underwear.  I desperately need some new frillies.
V~Vivienne.  Lady of the Lake in Camelot.
W~Windows.  My windows have a lot of artistic doodles created by my dogs nose.
X~Xrays.  A wonderful invention.
Y~Yellow Submarine.  I love the Beatles.
Z~Zzzz's.  I never seem to get enough sleep.


frog ponds rock... said...

YAY for all those snippets and I especially love the doorknob :)

Carolina said...

Hahaha... what... you love Frederick but think Elizabeth has wasted her life? This is an interesting list. Says a lot about you. I like you :-)

Jientje said...

I like your lists and the photos that go with it. My favorite one is the tunnel, it's just perfect!

Cassandra Louise said...

That train tunnel is gorgeous! :-D

The Elephant's Child said...

I just love this - how did I miss it. The tunnel was amazing. We do still grow raspberries - one of my favourite fruits.

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