Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm eating an Elephant

Today I startd eating an Elephant!!! To put it bluntly I HATE GARDNING!! So, today I decoded to eat my Elephant (the Garden) one small bite a t a time. I took my kitchen timer into the garden, set it to 20 minutes and gardened. When the timer went off I went inside to do something else. Twenty minute intervals worked perfectly, because my back won't allow me to garden for more that 20 minutes at a time and my mind gets bored after 20 minutes also, so I need to move onto a new project. I accomplished much today with this new regeme. At the end of the day I had the first garden bed weeded and pruned with little pain to my back and body as well as other smaller projects completed inside the house. I am not a goal setter really, more of a time setter so the kitchen timer worked, it is my new best friend.

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